Songs requests for ps4

I would like to know how to get music in my ps4 streams and xbox as i cant get nightbot to play them in the stream pls help asap as i need it in my stream

As far as I am aware Nightbot can only play music in streams from PC, this is due to how it works: The music is played by Nightbot in a browser window and then captured&streamed by a streaming software. It cannot play music into your stream directly.

ye man but i have seen people with it on ps4

They probably used an HDMI grabber or a similar device to get the PS4’s image to their PC first, then used a PC program like OBS to stream.

If you are streaming from a PS4 it is not possible use song requests. This is because there’s no way to inject the audio into your stream. You have to be streaming from a PC with XSplit, OBS, or another streaming app that allows you to record desktop audio. This is what anyone using song requests is doing.

thanks mate i try that

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