Songs request help

Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english. I hope you guys can understand properly.

Trying to make this !song request command work with spotify and youtube at the same time.

I just downloaded the app and added my spotify playlists into Nightbot, it works fine.
My problem appears when i test the song request command with youtube. Nightbot is preparing the song to be the next but it wont play it. It just stops playing music.

Note that i have activated both providers, spotify and Youtube.
Is there anyone who made it work?


EDIT: I just figured it only plays it if i have the Nightbot app tab openned, the issue must be something with youtube: not playing the video when its hiden.
-So now it plays it, but Nightbot wont eliminate the requested youtube song from the requested list. Which makes the !Songs next command to show always the same song…

You cannot minimize the app or it will not play the YouTube videos. That’s just a thing about how Chrome works (the app wraps our website)… and is not something we can fix.

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