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I have used a command in the past to add new songs to my permanent playlist, I can’t remeber the command it was something like !playlist addsong… or !songslist addsong… can anyone please help, there is not a single reference to this cammand on ANY of Nightbots command list, or ‘help’ I have no idea why this is, it was a really useful command as sometimes I like to attribute those who request a song with the credit for doing so without trawling through chat later to add myself, which replaces their name with mine for the add. Thanks.

It may have been an older version of nightbot that had the feature you are looking for. The only way to do it with nightbot currently is via the dashboard, it can’t really be done in chat that i know of.

Edit: I believe !songs save is intended to do something like that, but it has not functioned for quite a while.

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!songs save just returns a list of !songs sub-commands for me, one of which is actually save.

However it’s not in the Nightbot docs but !songs steal seems to work for this instead.

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Thank you for reply, I figured this may be the case as I pretty much tried every variable I can remeber. :slight_smile:

The save command not working is a bug, and steal is a synonym of save. This has been fixed.

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