!songs and !sr userlevel

Is there a way to have separate user levels for !sr and !songs, I want anyone to be able to use !sr and only mods to use !songs. I thought just setting the userlevel in the app would make it work but if I set !songs userlevel to moderator and the userlevel in song request to everyone, it just defaults to moderator still.

!sr is just an alias of the !songs command, therefore whatever the userlevel of the !songs command is set to, !sr will default to the same or could only be set higher.

For example if you set the !songs userlevel to everyone you could limit !sr to mods, but not the other way around

What if you made !songs usable by moderators only, and then !sr an alias of a different command? Like:
!commands add !songrequest -a=!sr
Wouldn’t that work? !songs will only be able to be used by moderators, and normal users would get to use !sr, just by a different name which would be the annoying part.

I don’t use the songs part of Nightbot so I’m not sure if it’s possible but, sounds like it would.

I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to achieve, sorry. What are you trying to do when someone types !sr if you’re not using the songs feature?

I want anyone/everyone to be able to do a song request and ONLY my mods to be able to use the !songs command because the !songs command lets you adjust volume/skip/ect. I don’t want EVERYONE to be able to adjust volume/skip/ ect. not sure why this is defaulted like this because people could easily abuse the stream.

Can I create a custom command that does !sr that is separate from !songs? If so what would the command look like?

Only mods can skip songs and change volume by default no matter what the userlevel is set as, this can’t be changed

Huh, I guess that is non-intuitive because the FAQ shows the !songs and then has all the !songs features and then in the app we have the userlevel for !songs. Thanks then!

What I said is also stated when editing the songs command

That doesn’t mention skip song, promote, pause/play. That same message is on all the default commands.

It is general text that is applicable to all default commands.

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