Songrequests not working

i have a problem with using the AutoDj.

  • Nightbot is a moderator in my chat
  • I enabled the Songrequests on the Nightbot website
  • Went through the settings and picked what i liked best

For some reason nothing happens when i type !songrequest and post the Youtube-link (i enabled Youtube in the settings)
Would appreciate help.

thanks in advance,

Hi, are you using nightbot on twitch or youtube? What is your channel name (twitch) or id (youtube)?

Double check that you have it enabled on the song_requests page, enabled in your default commands, and that the userlevel of the default command isn’t too high. If you can give your channel name then i can look into it more specifically though.

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Thanks a lot!
I use it on Twitch.
But solved the problem, forgot to enable the default command !songs and just enabled the AutoDj in general.
It’s working now!
Safed my night.
Have a great day, dude!

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