!songrequests getting changed into a trailer for Netflix?!

I have song requests on, when new users request a song with !songrequest [url] this stupid Netflix trailer for “the end of the f**king world” plays. They aren’t bots, I’ve talked to several about it. !sr “song artist” works just fine for them but I don’t want a work around, most ppl use urls for song requests, so Plz help me fix this!

You probably have a custom command named !songs that overwrites the current default command. You can remove it from your dashboard.

I’ve got the exact same problem !! You fixed it ?

Yes I fixed it.
Step 1. Log into twitch on chrome. Top right tab on the page, click the little down arrow to bring down the options menu and select “settings”.
Step 2. At the top middle of the settings page, select the “channel&videos” tab and scoll down to the 5th from bottom option "block hyperlinks"
Step 3. Uncheck the box for this option. Fixed.

The problem was: Twitch moderation has been changing our !Sr url requests to !Sr *** when it blocks hyperlinks which causes nightbutt to then search for a video with *** in the title. The video it finds is “the end of the f***ing world”. Makes sense now doesn’t it?

You can then utiilize nightbot’s superior moderation capabilities to still moderate urls in chat. In nightbutt dashboard under spam protection, he sure to enable protection, and add youtube.com and spotify.com to the whitelist section seperated by commas. This way people can’t post harmful links in chat.

Man thank you so much ! I did what you say ! I’ll see if it fixed when i’ll stream again :wink:

Yeah I tested your chat before following and it seems to work now! Happy I could help, I’ll drop by and chill sometime mon frere.

Thank you mate ! Doing the same :wink: see ya soon

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