Songrequest Voting

What the title says. I wish you were able to vote for requested songs to play earlier. I hope this is the right place to suggest this.

What do you mean in the sense of “requested songs to play earlier”? Does this mean that the viewers would be able to vote on what others requested to be played sooner? Because I don’t really see where your coming from.

Song request is cool because everyone gets their song (granted its a song). Everyone waits and then every song plays. Song request isn’t song request with a voting feature. Voting could cause a song to wait for an extended amount of time if people don’t vote for it and would ruin the “fairness” that song request brings to song choices.

You can add a skipsong veto vote, so viewers can vote to skip the current song or not. And you or any moderator can erase a song before it plays. So I don’t see the point of a voting system.

Sorry for the late answer!

What you said about upvoting songs is exactly what I meant. It seems we both have a different understanding of what this feature is supposed to do. I can see your point of it being a fair way for everyone to get their song in.

I personally think, that the choice of music should lay either with the streamer or the majority of the people that watch the stream - which would be mostly achieved by the ability to upvote songs.

Also, I don’t see where skipping songs by vote is any fairer than directly upvoting the ones you actually want to hear. If you pick something people don’t want to hear, it will be skipped.

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