Songrequest not working?

So I’ve been streaming for a bit now and have used nightbot for song request and some other things in the past and it worked fine then. But when i decided to do songrequest again recently it wouldn’t work no matter what I tried. Other commands and such for Nightbot work just not song request. Any help as to what might be happening?

im having the same problem right now

I’m having the same issue. Youtube links don’t play at all.

@nymr0hd What exactly is not working? Do the song requests through chat not come through? Does Nightbot not respond at all to the song request commands or what’s happening?

Just Try it out any youtube Video you put in there over the command does not play nothing happens if you press the play button, just locks up you can only skip the Video

Sorry for the delayed response. Is this still an issue? If so, can you provide a video displaying the problem that’s occurring?

hey im also getting a similar problem. every single time i use !sr or !songrequest in my chat, it says “Unrecognized command”. I’ve followed every step everyone has said, the enabling both !songs and song requests, yet it still says all “Unrecognized command”


If you see “Unrecognized command”, you’re probably trying to type a command that has a / or . in front of it, and this is the prefix for Twitch server commands, not Nightbot ones. Nightbot’s default commands always start with !

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