Song Time Limit

This is simply a request to change the song length limit by at least giving us the option to set the max song length of what’s requested. I specifically picked using AutoDj so people could request youtube stuff, and that time limit really limits my audience. I know it’s the opinion of the devs that songs shouldn’t be longer then 10 minutes and anymore ruins the flow of the stream, but that’s MY choice on if it ruins my stream or not.

I don’t have a big audience and it’s frustrating when I see my viewers song requests get shot down because their song was 12 minutes long. Heck, I wouldn’t even care if a song request was 30 minutes long. And on the other side of the coin I’m sure there are users out there who would want to limit requests to only 5 minutes long. I just don’t see the point of not giving the option when there are options for everything else.

The time limit we enforce encapsulates the majority of songs that exist. The point of the limit is to ensure the usage of the song requests meets desired expectations. It’s not really a “song” if there isn’t a time limit. If you wish to have longer-format media played then a media player might give you more flexibility.

If a song over 10 minutes isn’t a song then what is it?

The average song length range from 3-4 minutes. While we can’t account for all songs, our limit ensures a timely advance of the queue.

Right, but my point is why is this such a big deal? What if my audience is into music and prefers songs of a longer length to request. Certain genres have songs that are typically of longer length. For example:

Are all good songs longer then 10 minutes. You’re treating it like people will get offended by your program if they hear a song longer then 10 minutes being played. Heck Streamlabs Chatbot allows you to set the max time of a song. I’m just asking for the option for MY stream. It doesn’t effect you guys in anyway. Just have the default set to 10 minutes and if someone wants to change it let them.

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