Song subcommand access?

Hi, there!

I’m (yes, surprisingly) new to Nightbot and streaming in general. I have a few questions about the !songs command, more precisely about the subcommands.

I’m a bit concerned as there doesn’t seem to be an option to restrict anyone from accessing !songs skip, for example. That’d ruin song request. Same goes for !songs delete etc.

Is access to those subcommands restricted to moderators or does one have to do that himself? If so, how?


If you go to and click “Options” next to a default command, you can see that “Moderator functions within these commands (for example, the ability to add/remove custom commands) are restricted to Moderators or higher, regardless of if the userlevel is set below Moderators.”

Only moderators can skip and delete songs.

I did see that, but wasn’t quite sure. Thanks for the clarification.

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