Song requests not working

A friend of mine has the exact same settings as I do & song requests on my stream work perfectly fine but none of the songs on his stream will play, we could request the exact same song on either of our streams and mine will instantly play while his wont do anything, he can skip the songs but just not play them. (everything is unmuted)
Thanks for any assistance.

Have had to switch over to the desktop Nightbot app for now so if there is a way to fix this for browser I’d appreciate it but it works fine on the app if not :slight_smile:

Are you two on the same AutoDJ page for the same channel simultaneously? If so, that use case is not supported and could be why it does not work as intended. If they are for separate channels, then I would have to assume the broadcaster’s streaming program is not setup properly to capture the audio. You can ask the support team of the streaming program for configuration help in that case.

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