Song requests not working despite everyone setting on

All the settings I am aware of are correct. The default Songs command is enabled and user level set to everyone. Yet in chat, my viewers are not allowed to post requests, Nightbot simply takes no note.Well, it actually it seems to have temporally banned someone after they tired to request a lot. So I don’t know but it’s definitely not posting its actions in the chat. (They left and came back them in later saying they had been banned, but it could have been for the emoji posting, it was a close thing and they didn’t tell me if Nightbot had a notification for them)

Anyone know if I’m missing any steps? Nightbot is in my chat, Default commands Songs Settings user level set to everyone, and Nightbot ignores all users. Any help would be great, I’ll open a support case if need be.

Make sure you enable song requests on the AutoDJ page itself too.

this worked thank you.