Song requests (mod and above)

So, I was planning on getting back into streaming which involves a bit of fiddling with newer bot features that have removed older ones (been like 5 years) and I noticed that there’s a nifty feature where you can make it so Nightbot only pulls from the music category. It’s a great feature. Why is it that mods but more importantly the owner can’t override that requirement?

This is because mods shouldn’t be above the rules laid out by the streamer. It’s fair when everyone plays by the same rules.

okay but shouldn’t that be a decision that can be made by the stream owner? If a stream owner wants to trust their mods to request videos that don’t fall under the music category, they should be able to.
And even if that’s not a reasonable request that doesn’t explain why the owner can’t do a songrequest under that specific set of circumstances. Yes, we can go into the bot page to make that happen but sometimes it’s a lot quicker to drop the command into the chatline.

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