Song Requests for twitch

how do i get the songs to play through my stream? it won’t for some reason

Your streaming software needs to be picking up whatever audio stream the music is playing through. In the web version this will be wherever the browser sound is playing from, in the app that will be your default system sounds.

I will note that if you are streaming from your console you cannot play song requests to the stream, you need to be streaming from your computer.

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how can i get it through my computer cause im playing on my xb1

Are you playing on xbox1 or streaming through xbox1? If you are streaming through your computer you just run it as normal and make sure your streaming software is capturing the audio from your desktop or wherever it is coming from.

I have the same problem, streaming through ps4. Enabled en modded nightbot, playing music but doesnt show up in the stream. No music at all. Tried a bunch of things

Please see my first response to the user in this thread

you cannot use song requests if you are streaming through your console, to do songrequests you must be streaming through your pc and if you are playing on console, capturing that through other means.

Okay thanks. Now I know, have been searching all day

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