Song Requests for Channel with Multiple Streamers

Our channel is a multi user channel with over 12 streamers who stream at a variety of times throughout the week. Is there a way to get song requests to work for everyone instead of only me who is the channel owner and where I authenticate through our account. We would love to have the ability to make it work for all our streamers. Please advise the best approach if this is even possible.

If they do not have access to the twitch channel directly then you can simply make them nightbot panel managers and if they are on the main channel’s nightbot panel then they will be able to use the functionality of the song requests for that channel.

They will need to change from their default nightbot profile to the twitch channel’s via the buttons in the top right, here is mine for example:

So what you are saying is they would need the main channel’s login and password for this to work. Them being a mod on the channel with their own Twitch usernames would not work? That is what I would ideally like to do and not give out 13 streamers the main channel login and password. We have modded all 13 so they come in and go when their time is scheduled each week. Hope that makes sense.

No, make them nightbot panel managers and they will all be able to use the songrequests of that channel. I specifically started it with If they do not have access to the twitch channel directly meaning the method i posted doesn’t require any login info. But you do need to get their nightbot user id and they will need to login to the nightbot panel.

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