Song Requests: "Error: no tracks found"

I recently downloaded the NightBot beta app and have since deleted it due to it messing with my song requests. Currently my song requests are still broken and it would be amazing if someone could reset it or just let it work.

It keeps repeating “Error: no tracks found” to every song that I put in. It would be amazing to get some feedback as soon as possible.

Here are two images of what it keeps saying to me inside of my chat and inside of the NightBot song request panel:

The nightbot app does nothing differently with song requests compared to the browser. They are the same thing, they work the same way.

Could you please screenshot your settings that you have setup for song requests and i would also recommend trying to enable a playlist of default songs, since you don’t currently have one set. An image of the settings is more helpful than a screenshot of your link not working. Generally this error is caused by requiring people to request songs that are in your playlist, but if your playlist is empty that means they could never request a song…

Here are some threads with people who have experienced similar errors:

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