[Song_Requests] and [Lurkes check] plus Some opinion



I’m need to disable a “10 min max” error. Please improve a ‘checkbox’ for it.

[Lurkes check]:

In moobot servise, they have a “new viewers check”(hello lurker) welcome message and etc, i really love NB, but a software part is so ‘soft’.
No ‘if’ metods, no ‘live check’, no ‘else’… For example:
[I wanna to display my time(at Home..) !time, And i'm need display a text: "No streamer is here" when stream is offline. When stream is online, text will be smth like: "Time: 4:19", when time between a 2:10 and 4:20, text will be a "Night, come sleep" or smth, you know]
Also I need a change text output for default commands. But I can’t… nobody can’t.
And i can help for make a Russia lang for NB :slight_smile:

In order

  • Sorry but we don’t allow a song request to exceed 10 minutes, we feel that 10 minutes is a generous limit to a single video.

  • Nightbot doesn’t offer any sort of alert message for new users.

  • No ‘if’ metods, no ‘live check’, no ‘else’. Nightbot offers a $eval variable to allow for extended logic in commands.

  • We currently don’t offer a way to change default command outputs. On that same language topic a majority of the userbase consists of english speakers. It would also require a vast amount of community outsourcing which adds to the difficultly.

we feel that 10 minutes is a generous limit to a single video.

  • Exactly, you feel…

  • Develop this feature

  • Better add 2 inputs and checkbox for it (for newbie or not programmers). “Зачем изобретать велосипед”(c) and write scripts…

  • Another lang will be able to expand your user base

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