Song Requesting

I’m trying to create a small discord server, and some people want there to be song requests, so I’m trying to put it in and I know the command and all, but I changed the command to !sr so it’s easier but how do i get the response to say like let’s say the song was Ride by Twenty One Pilots, how do i get it so that the name and link of the video is brought up in the nightbot response, I’ve tried using rainwave, but it doesn’t give me the correct name of the song, how do I set this up? Please tell. Or really if you could just guide me on how to set up a song requesting system that looks appropriate and sort of professional! :smiley:

Our song requests system is more-so for streams, since Nightbot is a bot for Twitch and YouTube Live Streaming. It can work on Discord but you’d need to setup a server that runs the AutoDJ page in our control panel with it sending audio to Discord, and this is not something we can help you setup.

how do I play songs on my stream

If you are having issues with song requests you should create a new thread and also read the docs here:

Essentially you will just make sure that your recording software is picking up the source of audio that song requests are playing through and that that data is being sent to twitch. This is why Song requests do not work on PS4

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