Song "Requested By" text setup

I have no issues with the “current_song” text document for Nighbot to show what is currently being played through song requests done in Nightbot. Is there a “requested by” text document that can be added to OBS to display who requested the current song being played. I was hoping to pair them together in my overlay.

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There is only one text file managed by the Nightbot app but the song request settings allow for some flexibility in what the text file shows.

Follow these steps to get the text file to show the name of the current song as well as whoever requested it:

1: Go to the Nightbot desktop app.
2: Go into your AutoDJ song request settings.
3: Go to the Nightbot app section in your song request settings.
4: Edit the current_song text file format to look something similar to this:

{{title}} - Requested by {{user}}

You can change the format to whatever you want, just remember that {{title}} denotes the song name and {{user}} denotes the name of the user who requested the song.

5: Click Submit.

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