Song Request Video

I would imagine that some would like it if the Video area of the AutoDJ can be made larger, as me and my fellow streamers in the Kantai Collection area generally have the Video play on screen due to the majority of our viewers putting MMDs in the playlist as well as other funny videos that other viewers like to watch

Can you provide an example? I’m not familiar with “MMDs” or “Kantai Collection” so I’m not particularly sure what use-case this would fix. The only reason we even show video is because it’s against the YouTube Terms of Service to hide the video or make it smaller than it is. The intention of song requests is to allow users to request songs, not really to request arbitrary YouTube videos.

basically, some people who use Nightbot also have a source set to just the video portion of the autoDJ to let their viewers also watch a video while also having a stream up, I’m using my own OBS screen to show what some people do with nightbot for more casual games while still using songrequest

In that case, you may wish to just zoom in the page in the meantime since we do not have plans to change this soon. Zooming in the page will increase the video player size to a size you may be more used to.

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