Song Request Queue get cleaned

Hello everyone,

5-6 hours ago i run into a strange problem:

  • I was using the song requests of Nightbot to be the “DJ” for this stream
  • Everything was funny, the Lady and the Viewers liked the songs i picked very much until the problem appeared that the playlist of Songrequests gets cleaned up and the Playback switched back to the regular playlist.
  • The Nightbot said it song was requested by her, but that’s not true
  • So i though “Well, okay” and re-requested the 2 songs again
  • After the “Requested Song” was done, the same again: The Queue was completely cleaned up and a other song came. This happened 3 times in a row!
  • I then tried to request a couple other songs but same result.
  • The last thing i was trying was to request 2 songs again and then use !songs skip to skip the current song and taken one i choose. But the same problem again: The Queue was completely cleaned up and a other song came again.

From my logic i think:
_ the Request-Function couldn’t been turned off because -> then i wouldn’t be able to add songs anymore to the queue

_ she didn’t change anything because she was
_ _ focused in Battlefield 4 (a fast pace Online Egoshooter against other human players)
_ _ _ > meaning she never had the time to searched a song on YouTube, requested it and also cleaned up the whole Queue without getting shooted down in that game -> that’s simply impossible!
_ it can’t be a single link or song from Youtube
_ _ because i tried 6 different ones after the problem appeared
_ _ _ the videos have been from different YouTube accounts
_ _ _ i quickly take a listen into each video
_ _ _ _ to see if it’s the song that the title says
_ _ _ _ see how the sound level is
_ _ _ _ _ so i maybe need to adjust the sound over !songs volume n
_ _ _ _ Check if the pace of the song is normal
_ _ and after that i leave the tab open to copy the Link for the Request
_ _ _ when it was successful i close the tab
_ I donno if that makes a difference but i have mod-rights in her channel

So she and me have no clue why that happend. I of course want to help her with that technical problem so she can focus on the Game and the Chat.

Songs in the channel playlist play when the queue is empty. You can manage the playlist at

First of all: Thanks for the quick reply!

The problem was/is that the “channel playlist” was kind of “prefered” by Nightbot and the Queue was purged when the current song ends.


Before the Song ends:
[Current Song] ---- [2 Songs requested from me in Queue]

After Song ends:
[Next Song from channel playlist] ---- [0 Songs in Queue anymore]

_ When the first time the problem occurred the current song was one of “mine”
_ _ and after that Nightbot just played Songs from the “channel playlist”

The queue is not a persistent data store for songs. A queue plays a song, then plays the next song, and repeats this process until there are no more songs. When no more songs exist, it then plays random songs from the channel playlist.

Yeah, i understand that.

But in this case the queue was ignored completely by Nightbot, even that there have been 2 songs in queue.

Unfortunately that’s not possible unless the queue is empty, sorry. You’re welcome to try this in the control panel yourself to see that it works as described. If you found a bug, then you’d need to give us exact reproduction steps so that we can fix it, but since I cannot reproduce your issue it doesn’t seem like there is one.

Sorry, but i’m not lying here, okay? This is what happend and there is an issue, and i want to help to fix it!

What steps/data do you need to fix the problem? Screenshots/Content of Cookies/Source Codes of the Site of Nightbot/Links to the YouTube Videos that are requested?

I will document the whole case in the next stream, anything else that needs to be tracked?

Besides the Timecodes that will be also recorded from me according to real time and uptime of the stream.

See that Problem is already recorded:

Where i comment:

01:37:37 TheEpsilonAlpha : song request seems buggy it skips songs

You can see in the Chat Replay that i just i requested song and which songs i requested.

But if you need more detailed data i will Video Capture my Screen in the next stream if that helps

Looked over the logs for the chat and there is absolutely no issue with it skipping songs, so you are mistaken.

  1. May 29, 2016 4:51:27 PM: TheEpsilonAlpha: !songs request
    This played at

  2. May 29, 2016 4:51:48 PM: TheEpsilonAlpha: !songs request
    This song is unavailable in the streamer’s country, so YouTube autoskipped it.

  3. May 29, 2016 4:54:11 PM: TheEpsilonAlpha: !songs request
    This played at

I fail to see any issue…

Okay, so that song was autoskipped, now we get to the problem.

So it’s like that:
[Current Song] ---- [2 Songs requested from me in Queue that are not available in the streamers country]

so the Progress would be:

  1. Current Song will be played
  2. After the Current Song ends the next song will be cleaned because not available in her country
  3. After that the next Song will be be cleaned because also not available in her country
  4. After the Queue is empty Nightbot falls back to the channel playlist

I’m right?

Now the Problem is not an interal problem of nightbot, it’s a notfication problem!

Because imagine my view as a user:

  • I request a song and see in chat that the system commits the song request and it is added to the queue
  • Then i wonder why it’s not been played, i use the !songs list command to see the link and follow that link to the nightbot page to see if my song comes later and i was mistaken
  • There i see just that my song is gone, i don’t know why…
  • So i re-request it of course where i follows the same modus operandi where it’s also gone at the end, no clue why

My recommendation would be that there is altered notification when the request results in that problem:

Not “User, Your Song Title of the video has been added to the Queue at Place n " more like
"User, That video is not available in the streamers country and can not be played. Please feel free to request another one” so the requesting user knows what’s happend and choose another link with the same song which works or another song.

This is not possible, sorry. YouTube’s v2 API used to allow us to search and validate if a video could be played in the specified country, but this is no longer possible with their v3 API. The v3 API only allows you to limit videos originating from a country/location.

Okay i understand that, what a pity.

But now i know the reason why the video skips (besides the target video is set on private or completely deleted)

I wonder when i next time make the DJ, can i proof if that’s available her country…but i will google that.