Song Request - Playlist?

Hi ^^

I start testing Nightbot and think about use it for my Stream.

I like the Song Request program.
Normaly I use a Spotify playlist and play the Songrequest Manuel.

I have 2 problems with “AutoDJ”.

1.) Repeating: I try it with 4 Songs, but it only play this 4 songs and stop playing music after this 4 song. ( I used skip to test it)
2.) sometimes the song stop at 5sec

  • VG Dragon

update: if I wait long enought it start playing… but not all songs in the list

If you are playing songs from your personal playlist, it will only play in AutoDJ a maximum of once per 30 minutes. AutoDJ is not meant to be used as your personal media player, so you should stick to Spotify if you are trying to use it as one. Only songs requested in chat or on your public song list will play continuously without issue. Songs from your personal playlist only play if your queue is empty, subject to the restrictions already mentioned (max of once per 30 mins).


Ok, I understand.

VG Dragon

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