Song Request not working properly

Hi everyone. I have been streaming about 2 years, and have used Nightbot basically since the beginning. Song request was also very easy to use and responsive, until about 2 months ago. Now, even when queue is enabled for auto-DJ, the songs gets added to the list, but I cannot play anything back. (Pressing the play button does nothing) All of the song related commands work in chat for myself and others, but I can’t get it to play back at all. Is anyone else having this issue?

Thanks for any help.

We were performing maintenance earlier but that finished well before your post. Try refreshing the page or clearing your cookies/cache.

I cleared my cookies and cache, and when I re-logged into Nightbot on browser, it said “error compling details” or something like that in my upper right corner, and now I’m still having the same problem.

The error compiling stats is due to other upgrades happening. I’m not able to reproduce any issues with AutoDJ on your channel.

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