Song request not allowing regulars to input song

Just as the title states.

I love using nightbot to grab songs from youtube as I stream on twitch. Currently, I (the broadcaster) and my mods can request songs. I will add someone to the regular list with the command (!reg add username). I have regular request enabled using !songrequest userlevel reg

Nightbot will then say songrequest enabled for reg and mods. However, it only responds to songs from mods. I’ve tried rebooting nightbot, as well as twitch, but no luck.

Please help me!

I can’t not seem to reproduce this issue is there any other information that could help?

Thanks for testing this out @Aaron128l

I will try to do a screen shot later to show the issue.

With my setup, I capture and stream out from my desktop. The desktop runs OBS and auto-dj in the background.

I use my macbook to interact with chat, as well as add song requests. The macbook does not open auto-dj since Id expect it to conflict. Does this info help at all?

While it provides a background but I still can’t see an obvious issue that would not allow regulars to request songs, while mods can do it fine. Very weird.

Song request for regulars is still not working for me.

I created a 2nd account, named RoxWrongBot, to test the reg feature. I log into one browser with my admin account RoxWrong, and log into a second browser with test account, RoxWrongBot, which gets reg.

First, I turn on auto-dj and remove restrictions on song request, so anybody can put in a song. I use the command !songrequest userlevel off to do this.

Next, I use the new regular RoxWrongBot to add a song, and it works since there are no restrictions.
Song request is picked up by Nightbot.

Now I up the song request restriction to regular with the command: !songrequest userlevel reg
Nightbot responds saying only regs and mods can put in song.

Finally, I put in a song request with my reg account RoxWrongBot using the !sr [songname] and !sr [youtube link].

Nightbot fails to pick up the request.

Try without a @ in front of the name when you add a regular…

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Ahh correct, never use @ for anything dealing with usernames to bots.

Issue is resolved!

Thank you both! You are correct…adding the @name to pull up their username was the bug. Instead you must manually type their name, or else the reg system is looking for @name rather than name. I tested it on stream and it works for reg song request now.

thanks again!

You don’t need to use @ btw, start typing their name(without @) and press Tab :wink:

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