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So i am trying to stream on Youtube i have set up nightbot already and i have also set up auto dj but it will not play in my chat. also when we try to request songs it will come up error in the chat along with also stating that its not found or already in playlist but i cant even hear it at all. Nor does it come up when i do the command !songcurrent. I need help with this please

Please refer to our documentation for help using song requests:

now it has deleted my whole play list. what is going on?

So your help documents doesnt help my viewers are trying to request songs and they are pulling the wrong songs over to add or its saying error. Also cant even get have the commands to work right. Fix this! i am using nightbot thinking that it will help its not. The only thing good it does is moderate. Another thing i have read some of your response about using the actual URL of a video for song request that doesnt work either. Tried that too! it either pulls up a song that is not even close to the song i actually trying to request. or saying song already in queue when it is not. i have tried every thing and nothing works i need some better answers!

For better answers you need to give some more info or ask more specific questions.
If it’s pulling wrong songs, you probably have a custom command that is overwriting the song request command:
Also check your AutoDJ settings.
!songcurrent is not a valid command, !currentsong or !songs current

Ok song I have ! Current song and nothing! I have also tried copying the url from YouTube itself putting it as !sr then url and nothing some random song! So specific question how do I fix it I have read all the articles that you guys have and nothing has worked! Oh today I get invalid url and it’s from YouTube! So another specific question what’s the problem what am I missing? I have also tried deleting nightbot from my YouTube and putting him back. There’s no changing also disabled and enabled song requests nothing! So what now?

You should look at your AutoDJ settings and make sure you have “Search Provider” set to YouTube, and make sure you have “Limit to Playlist” unchecked.

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