Song request help

I am trying to figure out why when I use song request that it plays two songs at the same time. Here is the scenario: (I have it set up as play songs from my playlist when no requested song is up) A song from my playlist is playing, someone requests a song and it is put in the queue once my playlist song is done it will play the queued song and the next one fine, then what will happen it’ll go back to my playlist and when someone does another song request, the song request in the queue will play after the current song and a song from my playlist will play at the same time.

[So to give you a visual: M= A random song from my spotify playlist; Q= random queued song from song request command.]

Song list: M1 will play, then Q1 will play (if there is only one Q listed), then M2 will play, someone will add a Q2 and once M2 is done, Q2 and M3 will play at the same time. How do I fix this so it doesn’t happen?

Also another issue seems that when ever a new queue song from the command song request, the volume resets to a really loud setting each song. Can I set it to a lower volume by default?

The problem is that Spotify isn’t stopping after the song has finished due to either AutoPlay or Crossfade so Nightbot assumes it’s finished.

Try disabling both of these settings in Spotify.

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