Song Request giving me wrong song

Hello. Been using !sr for my streams and the links people post either goes to the wrong song, a song comes up and it wasn’t even requested or it looks like this ***. Can anyone help me fix this issue pleaseeee. Thank you.

Hiya, looks like Twitch is blocking the links in your chat, you can disable this setting at: CHANNEL /settings/moderation

Replace the channel with your channel name. The setting you’re looking for is called something like “Block hyperlinks”.

Okay. Took care of that but why do I keep getting songs queued in chat too automatically?

Not sure what you mean…

No one requests a song for a bit
One comes on automatically and no one requests it

One stream I had that happened and I wanted to know how I could stop it.

Have you checked your timers (, maybe there is a song request in there?
Also viewers can request songs from the songlist page, when song request is enabled, so it doesn’t only have to be from the chat.

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