Song Request fetching wrong YouTube Songs when limited to Channel playlist

It’s been an issue for a while now, but after going through a few steps to try and fix it I’m now stumped.

When Nightbot’s Song Request feature is limited to the Channel playlist, it doesn’t always play the correct song.
The songs are requested as a direct link (URL) & just with the alphanumeric ID alone; also both directly on Nightbot’s admin panel & as a command in the stream chat.

The song has been added to the Channel playlist, and a few hours have passed since it was added to account for any delays in it being added (I hope?).

What’s weird is that when the limit is removed, i.e. you can request songs from anywhere on YouTube not just the Channel playlist, the correct song is played.

Is this a known feature? Because we stream on YouTube Gaming and it’s quite an issue because of copyright concerns.

The songs are from Monstercat & NoCopyrightSounds

When you enable the “limit to playlist” option, only items on your playlist can be requested. Tracks can be requested by name, not ID or URL. You can provide viewers with a link to your playlist if they want to look at all choices available to them:

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Thanks for that! It seems to be working with that so far (:

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