Sometimes Nightbot responds and sometimes it doesn't?

I have a ton of custom commands (potentially too many) and sometimes nightbot responds fine and sometimes it doesn’t listen despite me waiting for the cooldown time. Is this normal? I tried deleting and rewriting a specific command that I know doesn’t work for my channel, and I have tried removing and readding nightbot and everything in the top post list of tips. I can also see my messages in the logs. Is there a max number of custom commands I can have?

Well can you post the command or commands that’s not working or their names? Also they are never responding to these specific one or just sometimes?

I think the one that doesn’t work in my chat is !crossingchannel but a lot of my other commands work so idk - they are pretty much all custom so idk if it helps


Can you send a picture or copy and paste the “code” for that command if I had to guess its an eval throwing out a space or something but I cant know exactly what the issue is unless I see it.

Ah sorry about that!

Had to replace the link to twitch because I’m not allowed to put links here but this is the “code” otherwise

Ben is one of my favorite animal crossing content creators! Not only does he cover news on his youtube channel but he also streams on twitch! He is so funny and so sweet, so please check him out and hear his hot takes about names, impressions, and different countries LOL (it’s always all in good fun)! He mainly streams ACNH but has been doing some other chill games too. You can find $(touser) at twitch/$(touser) <3 His most recently played game is $(twitch game $(touser)) <3

Ok so there is 479 characters in this message which is fine but when it goes to replace the touser and twitch variables if the total character count is over 500 it will simply not put out a message. This is because twitch limits the length of messages so nightbot is technically sending the message properly it never actually gets sent through twitch the easiest fix is just to get rid maybe a scentence and that should make it so you no longer hit the limit.

Usually API response returned is 400 characters per message but extended to 500 characters max. Try to reduce your message content.

Omg this fixed it thank you!!! I think because he changed what game he played it stopped working because the game name was longer LOL

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