Someone please explain what I am doing wrong $(eval)

So im trying to learn the $(eval) and i made a test command by it gives me this error “Right-hand side of ‘instanceof’ is not an object”
$(eval ‘$(user)’.toLowerCase() === {‘firejemz’, “hiyazcool”} ? “Here is the best support you could have asked for!” : “Your not Zaemazz (firejemz)”)
Please help
*note I am also trying to make a multi user command


This is one way to achieve what you need.

Declare a string variable u which has an assigned value of the username converted to lower case.

u = `$(user)`.toLowerCase();

Set up 2 “equal to” comparison operators, one comparing u to “firejemz”

u == `firejemz`

and the other comparing u to “hiyazcool”

u == `hiyazcool`

Set up an OR logical operator using the 2 comparison operators.

u == `firejemz` || u == `hiyazcool`

Set up a ternary operator using the OR operator.

u == `firejemz` || u == `hiyazcool` ? `Response if OR condition is satisfied.` : `Response if OR condition is NOT satisfied.`

The command response below has unnecessary whitespaces removed.

$(eval u=`$(user)`.toLowerCase();u==`firejemz`||u==`hiyazcool`?`Here is the best support you could have asked for!`:`You're not Zaemazz (firejemz)`)

Thank you so much <3 I’ve been dumbfounded for 3 days trying to do this

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