Someone elses Nightbot showing up in my stream

I don’t know this person/stream…and gaming has nothing to do with my stream. I’ve removed Nightbot as a mod for now. Don’t know what else to do. Any suggestions?

The same exact thing just happened to me too! Has someone hacked night bot+??

I think there’s an ongoing bug with YouTube live chat’s status API starting around 12PM PST. Given this is occurring my suspicion is they are sending the wrong live chat IDs with your channels, so Nightbot is mapped to the wrong channel.

We’ve taken Nightbot offline for YouTube while we reach out to YouTube.

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Thanks for the update. Where is the best place to stay updated while we wait for a fix?

I will reply here with updates as they become available, so feel free to track this thread.

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YouTube has pushed out a fix for this issue and Nightbot is now back online.

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