Some NIGHTBOT Commands(How to create them)?

!nightbotthoughts » Nightbot shares a random thought
!gift user » give someone a random gift
How to create this two commands.Please Help

For the random thoughts, take a look at [CustomAPI] Quote System.

For the random user, maybe !winner would do the job. If not, take a look at Useful Custom APIs

Both of these just select a random user however. You would be responsible for the gift.

For the random thoughts, take a look at [CustomAPI] Quote System
The quote system doesn’t work . I tried it but it says that no data given

Did you add quotes to the system first? (When you first start, the quote list is empty.)

How to add quotes to the system?

Everything you need is in the thread for the Quote System. Specifically, this is the command to add a new quote:

Hey Kip, NightBot Isn’t Replying Me.What Should I Do?
NIGHTBOT Is not replying to any of my questions.Please help

On YouTube, if your stream is not live, Nightbot will leave after 5-30 minutes if chat is inactive. If you joined Nightbot from the control panel, it is 30 minutes. If it autojoined because it’s already in the joined state, it leaves after 5 minutes of inactivity.

In other words, you must either be live or have joined Nightbot manually in order for it to be in your chat on YouTube.

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