Some channels not showing in the emote menu

I’m subbed to quite a few channels and some of them consistently fail to show in the popup emote menu. Streamerhouse is one of the culprits. Other channels will also disappear from the menu at random. Streamerhouse in particular never shows up.

These compared to my emoteset: EMOTESET izl [554,171,4828,1462,42,5066,793,3994,4578,50,1871,233,3082,1192,98,3421,2126,100,105,2281,21,92,3517,1522,469,740,2336,176,69,693,5,1008,2933,2862,46,357,5275,27,954,2963,4036,1895]

You can see some channels are missing.

Maybe make an issue on the Github?

Solved by adding {offset:0,limit:100,unended:true}) params to the call.