Some aliases in one command

Hi there!
I have a question. Can I create a command which will link to 2 or 3 other commands?
Me: !nightbot
NB: What?
Me: !nightbot
NB: How are you?
Me: !nightbot
NB: Are you talking to me?

If it is possible, please help me to do this :smiley:
Very much thanks!

Hey there, if the order of responses doesn’t matter, take a look at the Choices custom API:
It’s the second API in the Fun list. Replace CHOICES with comma seperated responses, the API will pick one random response.

Ok, I got it.
But now, I don’t understand how to build a command with using this API :confused:
Need help :disappointed_relieved:

Something like this:

!commands add !nightbot $(urlfetch[0]&choices=a,b,c)

Now replace a b c with options you would the command to display.

Thank you very much!!
It works!! <3

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