[Solved] Simple Link (URL) with text

Hello guys. I would like to create a link to my Twitter account that is clickable (as a command). How can i do that? I read the nightbot documentation and try to use JavaScript, but is doesn’t work.

Join me on Twitter https://www.twitter.com/myusername

Thank You

Hey @coldcase!

You don’t need to use JavaScript for such simple command, just put your Twitter account URL in the message field.

Thanks for your answer, but it wasn’t helpful.

I’m sure i don’t need Javascript.

If you had read correctly, I have said that the link to the Twitch account should be clickable.
Unfortunately this is not possible with Markdown or HTML.

The following command creates a !Twitter command that contains a clickable link.

!addcom !twitter Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HANDLE

Now, whether you can actually click the link or not is up to the streaming platform’s chat, Nightbot isn’t responsible for making the link clickable or not, a link is just a string, the platform is free to interpret link strings as they please, and you can’t inject HTML or Markdown in the chat if the chat doesn’t support it.

Ok, I understand. The chat must support this function. Would have thought to have seen this before as a nightboot command.

Thanks for your answers.

cold case

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