[SOLVED] No custom emotes on my channel / Global emotes still working (Wrong assumption)

First I wanted to say that I didn’t know how I should google my specific problem or look it up in your Support section, hence I didn’t find a solution that way.

Now to my problem:
I linked my Twitch Account to BTTV and I already was able to use emotes in my channel (shared ones like RareParrot, (ditto), etc.), but after some time, out of nowhere, I can’t use any Custom BTTV emotes (Global emotes are still working). I allowed 5 emotes on my channel and submitted 5 of my own (which got approved recently), but neither can I use the shared emotes (like the RareParrot) nor my own.

Any idea what the problem might be and how to resolve it? As I see it BTTV is working fine on its own, but I guess linking custom emotes to my channel didn’t work. Is the problem on your end or my end?

In short:
I can use Global BTTV emotes, but not custom/shared ones, that I allowed to show on my channel.

My only recommendation would be to clear your cache/cookies (this will reset your BetterTTV settings, so back those up) and see if they work afterwards.

Already cleared those, the problem isn’t my client or anyhting, noone can use my emotes on my channel. They would be able to use RareParrot e.g. but they can’t. Same with the (ditto) emote, and mine as well.

The problem seems to be on a higher level. I would guess, that BTTV didn’t actually enable those on my channel or revoked permission maybe.

I can use custom emotes without problems on other channels, but I can’t use them on mine. And I did enable them at “https://manage.betterttv.net/”.

Here is a picture: http://imgur.com/2sx0CFe

So i went into your twitch chat (because i assumed your name here was the same as your twitch channel) and your emotes are working just fine. It is in an issue on your client, the api is up and working and no one else is reporting this issue (if you can’t see emotes you will not be able to see others using your emotes, but they may be able to see them just fine).

I would try following the debug steps listed here: BetterTTV Debugging to see if maybe you are having an issue connecting to the cdn in some way, since that is what it seems like.

Also, a screenshot of me going to your channel and using your emotes:

Thank you!

I asked someone I know with BTTV to test some emotes, but he said that they aren’t working. I think he didn’t have the gif emotes enabled, since he said he couldn’t see the (ditto) and RareParrot, which he only tested. So I assumed it wasn’t on my end.

Thanks for the help! I think I manage from here on out on my own, since I know what the problem is now.

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