[Solved] Escape commands in a Nightbot command?

Someone I know has a command that uses $countup (The exact reply is “We have gone $(countup October 5th 2016 7:24:20 PM Etc/GMT+4) without a Nonsensicole-related Hypernauts incident!”).

We now want a !reset command that mods can use to set the time to the current time. We’ve tried adding a command that does “!commands edit !incident We have gone $(countup $(time US/Eastern “MMMM Do YYYY h:mm:ss A”) US/Eastern) without a Nonsensicole-related Hypernauts incident!” - the problem here is that when this command is executed, we need the $time command to be evaluated, but not the $countup command, since it should just be written to !incident as-is. So how do we escape commands like this so they’re not immediately evaluated?

I’ve make a similar command in this post that will solve your problem.

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Thanks! That worked!

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