[Solved] Can not find any settings

When I click the cog wheel in twitch there are no extra options.

I refreshed the twitch page, I tried reinstalling BetterTTV like 10 times, rebooted Chrome, no matter what I do, it is never there.

Same. It works fine on Firefox, the settings button is there, but it isn’t there on chrome.

I’m not finding the options at all in the new firefox quantom browser

It’s not a “new” browser, it’s just the name of the version. And BetterTTV works fine on it. The settings have been moved, they are no longer in the cogwheel.

This was taken from Firefox nightly 59.

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Well it turns out I was accidentally blocking the scripts needed to run BTTV on chrome. It works now.

Thanks, that is the issue, didn’t know they moved it.

We didn’t move the location, it simply broke after a Twitch update today. It’s been fixed