[SOLVED]AutoDJ not working at all

Hello. I recently started my streams, and i was having awsome time using NightBot. I decided to add song requests to my features on stream. But AutoDJ is not working at all. Its not playing music on my PC, not playing music on stream, and even song when i push play button nothing happens. When i add Youtube URL info “no tracks found” appears. I cant play anything. I was following every steps one by one with setting to set up autodj, but nothing works.

Please search before opening topics:

Allready researched those topics before i posted. I can upload my YouTube playlisty and is worki g, but i cant or nobody else can request song from YouTube URL, always message no track found pops up

Solutions to both of your problems were linked above already.

Im sorry, but maybe im blind. I dont hale problem with playlists, but problem that nobody can add songs from YouTube links, noir from chat or from nightbot web itself. Same links are working perfectly in moobot. I really want to stick with nightbot, but i cant jump this problem

Excuse me, but there is no solution to my problem in those topics. My nightbot still cant add tracks to playlist. On topic that was marked as FIXED some admin just wrote

It seems some of the search instances are out of sync. I’m looking into it.

This should now be resolved. Let me know if you continue having issues.

And thats all. So where is there help for me? I can’r request any songs from youtube. Playlist are working fine, but tracks cant be found