[SOLVED] API alternative to api.rtainc.co? / How to get Nightbot to pick one random response from a list?

I’ve been using customized “multiple choice” commands on my stream for a few months now. One example:

!nicecream $(urlfetch https://api.rtainc.co/twitch/random?format=[0]&choices=$(user) - you're super spiffy!,Are $(user)'s claws natural?,$(user) - love yourself! I love you!,$(user) looks nice today!,[An illustration of a hug.],$(user) - have a wonderful day!,Is this as sweet as $(user)?,$(user) is just great!,)

I used this topic to do it: Useful Custom APIs

I’ll be frank, I don’t understand a whole lot about how the process itself works; I just ripped the basic structure and used copypasta to get my own custom results. The problem now is that Nightbot gives errors whenever those commands are input - the site in that code is nearly always down.

My question is: is there another site I can use in place of the one in this code? Or is there another way to write a list of choices and have Nightbot pick one of them at random? This was a HUGE part of my stream and it just doesn’t feel the same without it! I would be so grateful for any advice!

At this point in time you can just use $(eval) for something like this.

!commands add !nicecream $(user) $(eval a=["you're super spiffy!", " I love you!", "etc.", "etc"];a[Math.floor(Math.random() * a.length)])

To edit: All options need to be surrounded by quotation marks(") with a comma (,) between them. All editing should take place in the dashboard.

Oh my gosh, thank you SO MUCH! It works PERFECTLY!

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