!Slap or !Kill command

I want to make a command for a !slap like (user) has slapped (random viewer). Can someone tell me how to enter that in chat to create the command? I’m not sure how to get nightbot to pick a random viewer to slap.

!commands add !slap $(user) has slapped $(urlfetch http://2g.be/twitch/randomviewer.php?channel=$(channel)).

Edit 10 march 17: Using the new variables, just copy paste the above command, no need to change anything :slight_smile:

does the channel need to be in all caps or does it not matter? and thank you so much!

It has to be all lowercase. Channels with spaces in their name are not working.

I’m adding something real quick, so it might be buggy for like 10 minutes :wink:

Okay thank you, it worked. :smile:

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