Size issue with my emote

So i just got an emote for my chan but it’s wayy to small compared to the other ones did i upload it wrong or is this on the artist end?
it says i have 3 sizes but it’s using the smallest one

When you upload emotes, we create 3 sizes from it for high DPI usage. Uploaded emotes always appear at 1/3 the size you uploaded them as, regardless of the size.

So i need to upload a img thats higher so it can be the same size as the rest?

If your artist followed the instructions and made a 112x112 emote, there would not be any issues.

Well she said she did i do have a 112x112 emote in my folder So did i do something wrong or is it on there side?. Because it seems like it’s on my side as it says 112x112 but she gave me 3 sizes. i am just trying to find out why mine is so much smaller then the defaut ones

Well i re uploaded it with the highest size it does look diff in the test section now so hopefully that fixed it thx

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