Single command that will have multiple random outputs

Hey night, and forums!

I am wanting to make a command called “!kill”

and i want it to output “(user) has killed (touser) [random method]”

So i would like to set certain methods of “killing” someone in chat, just for fun.

Set methods:

  • with a potato.
  • by using a truck and running them over.
  • with a gun, bang bang.
  • stuffed a lemon in his mouth.
  • threw multiple knives at them.

So therefore, once the command !kill has been ran.

Nightbot: TheLiveLemon has killed Night by using a truck and running them over.

But obviously the method would be chosen randomly.

I really think this would be awesome if i could get some help on this, or maybe get it implemented?

Thanks guys,


Yes it posted :smiley:

There was a problem with it before :smiley: Thanks for fixing that!

This is not possible with vanilla Nightbot. You would have to use a custom api to accomplish this…

Can i get a hand with this? is it pretty simple to do?

We are not able to help with this. If you can find someone with knowledge of programing, it shouldn’t be hard to accomplish. However it would require a web host of some form. (A PHP solution would be fairly easy)

Do you know with anyone that would like to earn some money for helping me create this?

I don’t know of anyone, sorry.

Do you know where i could request for someone to help me? Where should i post? Is this forums a good place to look for someone?

No, this forum is not a good place. Maybe try reddit, or a some kind of non-support forum.

So im so so soooo close to doing this i believe!!

We currently have it so that this link -->

works and outputs random methods.
But the only thing that doesnt work is nightbots response!!


!addcom !kill @user@ has killed @touser@ $(customapi



Nightbot: Thelivelemon has killed Thelivelemon [API must return less than 400 characters]

Even though the api is less than 400 characters?

what can i do to get this working? Everything works except for this little part.

Nightbot cannot parse a page with Javascript. It merely reads the source of the page, and if it’s short enough emits it to chat.

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so does this mean i have to have less than 400 characters in my script?

No, it means that the page itself must emit 400 characters or less. The actual script can be any amount of characters, but you cannot use Javascript for the scripting language (it needs to be a server-side language, and usually people use PHP).

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Just let you guys know we managed to do it.

If you want to see do “!kill Night” in my chat -

Hey, how did you get it working, and may I use your api in my channel?

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