Silent Command Not Working with Commercials?

I am trying to run an advertisement every thirty minutes via Nightbot. Ideally I’d like the commercial command to not appear in chat. Every 30 minutes though, Nightbot posts this: “!commercial 30 silent”. I thought the word “silent” was supposed to make the Nightbot response hidden?

Edit: I know the !commercial command is default to “owner”. I changed it to Moderator and my Nightbot is also a moderator.


Go to your timers page at

1: Click your timer’s Edit button to open your timer’s settings.
2: In the Message field, type: 30 silent
3: In the Alias field, type: !commercial
4: Make sure your Interval is set appropriately (every 30 minutes in your case).
5: Make sure your Chat Lines is set appropriately (how many lines of chat must be said during the 5 minutes directly before Nightbot’s next attempt to trigger the timer).
6: Click Submit.

Ahhhh. I see. I’m stupid. Thanks man!

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