Sigh, super annoying AutoDJ issue

So new to streaming, woooo! Setting up everything hasn’t been too frustrating until this point. Everytime I request a song in chat to test it out I will use the command !sr (as i set it to that) and then the link to the song on youtube. The problem is, it keeps requesting some live stream cover song instead of the one that I requested. I have tried logging out, refreshing the page, trying different songs etc. All with the same result of this video ive never even heard of. I tried finding a fix online and got nothing. Any help to decrease my extreme frustration is extremely gratified.
here is what it looks like in chat, notice the link has nothing to do with what song popped up, and it is always this video that is requested:

TheRoyalFake: !sr

Moderator Verified Nightbot: TheRoyalFake -> “KZ Tandingan covers “Tadhana” (Up Dharma Down) on Wish 107.5 Bus” by Wish 107.5 has been added to the queue in position #1

!sr is an alias of !songs request by default, however, it sounds like you have overridden this by creating your own !sr command.

Try deleting your !sr command and adding a new one, this should work:

!commands delete !sr

!commands add !sr -a=!songs request $(query)

You can read more about aliases on the docs here

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Are a friggin hero.
That was exactly what happened. I was trying to change it so i didnt have to type in !songrequest everytime and shorten it to !sr. Apparently you can already use !sr in it’s place. Thanks so much!!

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