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Sick and Tired of The Error Message


For the past few months, I have been looking for a way to download VoD’s from twitch. When I found this website and downloader, I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, every time I have tried to download a VoD, I get the error message saying the download slots are full. I understand that there are only 10 download slots, but it would really be appreciated if you could fix this issue. Sorry to stress you out about the issue, but it needs to be addressed. And good luck to your other projects in the future.


Just curious, what “issue” do you see needing fixed? The fact that the slots get taken up by too many people using it? Even if he doubled the amount of slots on the server the same issue would happen, which would require more server usage and cost a lot more money for a service that is free and so not much benefit is received off of.

We understand that people dislike seeing the message but its not easily scale-able (as in he can’t just make 100 download slots and have it be feasible) and there are ways to use it still. you can use it at times of the day when there are likely to be less people using it (later at night, earlier in the morning) because obviously there is a large influx of people in the mid-days in NA and EU and if you need to use it more than once use it consecutively.

TwitchDown is one of the very, very few ways to download twitch vods at all which makes it tough because a lot of people try and use it and we wish twitch offered a way to let people download the entire vod but until then we have to deal with what we get.


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And what advice slickrick gave, I suggest you do use it when America and Europe is asleep as there’s less people hogging download slots. Also as a side note please read the other twitchdown issues as many other people are experiencing the same thing, hence the two posts above.


A few minutes ago, I was able to grasp a slot to download a VoD, which I was happy for. I was quick to create a thread because of my lack of patience. I would like to say I appreciate the concept of TwitchDown and I would like to see it expand in the future. If you do make a paid service I would be glad to contribute to help the downloader expand. Sorry for my haste in insulting your project.


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