Shoutout command

Hey all, thanks for responding my Q.

i had a shoutout command workin on my channel but some day it stopped workin, if i or some1 else type !so it will only give the site of twitch and not the link for the person itself.

can u please help me ?

mucho thanks !!


If you can post your current command we can see what’s wrong with it, or use one of the shoutout commands posted here on the forums, for example:

!commands add !so $(twitch $(user) "Follow {{displayName}} over at {{url}}. They were last playing {{game}}")

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this is my current

!so Please be sure to drop [touser] a follow over on [touser] They were last seen playing [twitch] TwitchUnity everyone

[touser] and [twitch] are not valid variables. You should use the example gerhard posted instead.

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