Shout Out Command

So I tried adding the following command that was shared on another thread:

!commands add !so $(twitch $(user) “Follow {{displayName}} over at {{url}}. They were last playing {{game}}”)

However, when I went with !so (other username), it returned the statement with my username instead of the user that was supposed to be shouted out. Is there something I missed?

Hiya, use $(touser) instead.

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So I changed the $(user) to $(touser). However, now when I use the command !so I’m getting the following output:

(touser) is currently live playing Call of Duty: Warzone at 1080p, 60 fps with 11 viewers since 2021-03-13T18:08:31.000Z (9 minutes 47 seconds) - (link)

I don’t think that that matches this: $(twitch $(touser) “Follow {{displayName}} over at {{url}}. They were last playing {{game}}”)

Hey @silvaelboriqualining!

You’re using the wrong quotation marks, use these one " instead of these “”:

$(twitch $(touser) "Follow {{displayName}} over at {{url}}. They were last playing {{game}}")
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That worked. THANK YOU!!!

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