Shorthand Command for adding a song to Song Request?

Is it possible to make a command that automatically adds a song request to the queue? So like you could do something like !Bohemian and Nightbot would put Bohemian Rhapsody into the song requests list? Of course something like this isn’t really needed for a popular song like Bohemian Rhapsody as !sr Bohemian Rhapsody would basically get you what you want, but say I have an obscure song that doesn’t come up as what NB gets when you just !sr (Name of song), or maybe it’s even an unlisted video you want to do this with.

Add a command aliased to !sr as follows in this example.

!addcom -cd=5 !enemy -a=!sr

The command !enemy will then add the video “Dustbowl Revival - Enemy” to the song queue as exactly specified by the YouTube link.

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