Sharing public tipping page


Would I simply copy and paste the URL of the tipping page and people would just have to click and they’re there?

Also. If I were to make a custom tipping command on Nightbot, is there a way to make it so people could do !tip 50 and it would auto tip or would it be best so that Nightbot would post the tipping page url?

Please respond soon… I’m so confused…


When you are all setup you should notice in the top right it says “public tipping page” e.g.

If you go to that page that is the link you give out to people so mine for example is

It’s not possible to play sounds via nightbot. And no, there is no way you could setup a command to auto tip, as that would require nightbot needing your paypal info as a user and that’s just a bad idea… Just have it post the tip url.


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